Uri Geller vows to outwit plot to foil his brainwaves for England v Scotland

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Spoon-fiddling foe Uri Geller claims the Daily Star's tin foil hats will NOT be enough to stop him from helping Scotland to victory on Friday night.

"You haven’t got a chance," he said last night ahead of his bid to use his powers to drive Scotland to a "miracle" Euro 2020 victory over England.

The spoon-bender said he was "surprised and intrigued" by our attempt to use the barnets to deflect the energy he plans to direct on Wembley to ensure a vital win for the Three Lions’ Auld Enemy.

But he said our plan was destined to fail.

He said: "I was really intrigued by the Daily Star’s tin foil hat idea.

"There may be something in the theory behind using tin to stop my powers.

"But every single England fan in the stadium would have to be wearing one of the hats to stand a chance.

"So though I was pleasantly surprised at the way the newspaper has risen to the challenge on behalf of England supporters you haven’t a chance."

Uri, 74, hatched the plot because he is wracked with guilt after moving the ball with his mind just before Scotland’s Gary McAllister missed his penalty in the tie between the two nations at Euro 96.

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It came seconds before Paul Gascoigne’s iconic goal down the other end helped England secure a 2-0 win.

The mystic is determined to even the score by helping the Scots secure a vital win in tonight’s crunch Group D clash.

England will qualify for the second round if they win after a 1-0 victory over 2018 World Cup runners-up Croatia in their first game.

Scotland need a result to keep their hopes alive after losing their opener 2-0 to the Czech Republic.

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Uri, who owns the uninhabited Scottish island of Lamb in the Firth of Forth, plans to watch the match on a giant TV screen in his museum in Israel.

The mystic claims a 700-year-old spoon once owned by Scots king Robert the Bruce is among 2,000 pieces of cutlery welded to the custom-built 1976 Cadillac he keeps inside.

When he thinks the time is right for Scotland to score he will touch the spoon and focus his mind on seeing the ball flying into England’s net.

He hopes his energy – coupled with the collective willpower of 5.5million Scots – will breach England’s defence.

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Uri believes the only way the Three Lions could thwart his powers would be by throwing a giant Faraday cage around Wembley.

Such a shield – named after scientist Michael Faraday who invented them in 1836 – would have to be formed from a continuous wire-mesh cover that could block out electromagnetic fields.

But it would have to cover an area of 40,000 square metres to fit over the stadium roof – and even then Uri’s energy may sneak through the walls.

"If Wembley was covered by a Faraday cage that would be a challenge," he said.

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"Now that would be a real contest.

"But even then – if the people of Scotland focussed their energy with mine – I’d still back us."

Uri – who shot to stardom when he got millions of Brits to use the power of their thought to bend spoons during a famous TV appearance in 1973 – said helping secure Scotland a victory would be among his greatest triumphs.

In 32 Wembley meetings, Scotland have only beaten England nine times – with the Three Lions claiming 18 victories.

"It would be something of a miracle, let’s face it," he said.

"But I really want to help Scotland stay in the tournament."

However, there was some hope for Gareth Southgate’s players last night – as the spoon-bender revealed he had not been able to secure a kilt to wear during the match.

"I had hoped someone would be able to get one to me in time for the kick-off but that hasn’t happened," he said.

"I’m not reading too much into it. I remain very confident.

"But it may just give England a glimmer of hope."

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