Ukrainian army rescue freezing puppy Rambo and use him to watch for Russians

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Ukrainian soldiers have been labelled as heroes for their efforts against the tyrannical Russian army.

And one group of soldiers has taken that to a new level by rescuing a poor puppy.

Presumably abandoned by its owners who fled the country amid the threat of Russian destruction, a minute-long video filmed by native journalist Scooter Caster shows the soldiers rescuing the dog – who can be seen wagging his tail with glee.

The group, who named the little fluff-ball Rambo, said in the video: “He is our protector, right Rambo?”

“We felt sorry for him – it was freezing outside. We took him into our post, and he stayed with us.

“He is our security. That is his job. He is our watchdog and he stands guard.

“He can hear very well if there is a stranger nearby.

“Rambo is doing hecking good job! Best doggo.”

The footage was filmed by the journalist who is originally from Ukraine, but has been living in New York City until the invasion begun.

She tweeted an update on the health of the dog.

She said: “I got an update on Rambo's and soldiers well being.

“'We are holding on, the soldiers are determined to hold back the enemy, and the dogs are with us'”

She also posted a video of hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Ukraine earlier today.

When asked if she saw anyone leaving their pets behind, she clarified that she actually saw people attempting to take their pets with them on their journey from Ukraine.

The first round of peace talks between the two countries started and ended yesterday on the Ukrainian border with Belarus in a possible signal that Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking to save face after failing to take the country in just the 72 hours he had originally allegedly planned.

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