Ukraine shoots down 80 Iranian-made kamikaze drones in 2 days, says Zelenskyy

Ukraine has shot down 89 Iranian-made "kamikaze" drones in just two days according to the country's president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The aerial onslaught follows dozens of the drones peppering the skies on New Year's Eve too, when the Ukrainian Defense Ministry joked they came "instead of New Year's fireworks".

Zelenskyy said in a presidential address Monday the nights had been "quite restless".

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"Only two days have passed since the beginning of the year, and the number of Iranian drones shot down over Ukraine is already more than 80," he said.

"This number may increase in the near future. Because these weeks the nights can be quite restless."

His address followed a Sunday tweet from the Defense Ministry that read: "Instead of New Year's fireworks. Russia launched 45 Iranian-made kamikaze drones at Ukraine throughout New Year's Eve.

"All 45 of them were shot down. The kremlin terrorist cannot waver the determination of Ukrainians. 2023 is the year of new victories."

It emerged last week that sick Russian soldiers scrawled "Happy New Year" on a kamikaze drone before dropping it on civilians in Ukraine's capital on New Year's Eve.

Hundreds of Ukrainians braved the bombardment as an 11pm curfew was observed in some areas.

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Kyiv's Chief of Police Andriy Nebytov shared an image on Telegram of one of the missiles that struck overnight. On it a Russian airman had emblazoned the words "Happy New Year!!!".

Nebytov added: "These wreckage are not at the front, where fierce battles are taking place, they are here, on a sports grounds, where children play."

There was one reported fatality on New Year's Eve with several more people injured.

Several hours before curfew, Ukrainians swarmed the streets as they waved their flags in front of a massive Christmas tree adorned with the country's blue and yellow.

As the clock struck 12, people could be heard yelling "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes" out of their windows.

In one piece of footage, a group of Ukrainians could be heard singing the national anthem as Putin's missiles continued to pummel their city.

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