Ukraine LIVE: Horror as Putin ally threatens to target Tower Bridge in nuke strike

Ukrainian forces target Russian soldiers in drone attack

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Senior MP Oleg Morozov claimed Boris Johnson discussed attacking a Crimean bridge linking the oblast to Russia. Appearing on Russian state TV, Mr Morozov said: “If the UK is discussing a Crimean bridge attack with Ukraine, why don’t we discuss using Kalibr missile to attack Tower Bridge in return?” It comes as Russia blames saboteurs for explosions at its military bases in annexed Crimea. Ukraine did not confirm or deny responsibility for the explosions though its officials cheered Russia’s setbacks.


Russia ‘increasingly concerned with deterioration’ of Crimea

Russia will “likely be increasingly concerned with the apparent deterioration in security across Crimea”, the British Ministry of Defence claims.

In its latest intelligence update, the ministry highlighted Tuesday’s explosion near Dzhanhoi in annexed Crimea.

A Russian ammunition dump exploded with smoke reportedly rising from the Gvardeyskoye Airbase.

The ministry said: “Dzhankoi and Gvardeyskoye are home to two of the most important Russian military airfields in Crimea.

“Dzhankoi is also a key road and rail junction that plays an important role in supplying Russia’s operations in southern Ukraine.”

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