Ukraine claims four horrific Russian torture sites have been found

Russia-abandoned tanks and weapons litter Kherson

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Ukraine says that it has discovered four Russian torture sites in Kherson and has retrieved items such as parts of rubber truncheons and a wooden bat. Kyiv has accused Russian forces of commiting “horrific” abuses during the eight months it occupied the city before withdrawing on November 11.

The Office of the General Prosecutor said that Ukrainian officials had inspected “four premises” where Moscow’s troops had “illegally detained people and brutally tortured them.”

In a statement they said that Russian forces had established “pseudo-law enforcement agencies” in Kherson detention centres and in a police station.

Parts of rubber truncheons, a wooden bat, an incandescent lamp were found along with a “device with which the occupiers tortured civilians with electricity”.

The statement added that “law enforcement officers continue to collect evidence” of what Ukraine says were “crimes” carried out by the Russian military.

According to Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform, officials also found documents including ID cards from the Russian occupying police force.

Shift schedules were discovered as well as signs reading “duty unit”, “investigation office”, “criminal investigation” along with bullets from the walls.

Officials have also claimed that people were held in cells and subjected to “various” methods of torture both physical and psychological.

Investigators examined the basement of one of the office buildings where a torture chamber had been set up with help from a survivor.

In the basement, Ukrainian troops also discovered part of a metal-plastic pipe, handcuffs and other objects.

Efforts are being made to identify victims of the Russian torture while a pre-trial investigation is ongoing as part of criminal proceedings attempting to bring the Russian perpetrators to justice.

It comes as Kherson was bombarded by Russian rockets and artillery on Monday.

Despite being liberated, the regional capital is now considered on the frontline and is within artillery range.

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Over the weekend industrial areas of Kherson were targeted by fire from from multi-launch rocket systems (MLRS) from the left bank of the Dnipro River.

On Monday, a fresh wave of attacks from Russian forces were reported.

Dmytro Pletentchuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian military in the area said: “Artillery duels continue, the fight continues.”

“Kherson is now on the front line,” he added.

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