UK towns with worst weather confirmed with the top 10 dullest locations

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    Britain's cities with the worst weather have been revealed.

    A list compiled by the experts at Utility Bidder, divides the country based on hours of sunshine and rainfall amount where it was more than one millimetre per day.

    The data collected over a 19-year span until 2020 sees the North West take home the prize for having the most areas in the top 10.

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    Burnley, Manchester and Preston placed first, second and third respectively.

    Burnley had 1,378 hours of sunshine across between 1991 and 2020 and around 1,315 mm of rain, while Manchester had more than 100 hours less sun with 1,265.

    The home of United legend-turned football pundit Gary Neville also had 1,971 mm of rain.

    Third-placed Preston had more sun than Manchester – with 1,367 mm – but it had less rain, with 1,058 days.

    The seaside town of Hastings has been named the sunshine capital of the UK, with residents basking in an average of 1,914 hours of sunshine each year.

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    A spokesman for the company explained how the data was gathered: “We searched for the closest weather station for each of our cities and then removed cities which had the same closest weather station, as well as the weather stations with incomplete data.

    “We then replaced the removed cities with the next most populated cities to conclude our seeding list.

    “We then put each of these factors into a weighted table, giving each factor a normalised score out of 10.

    “We then took an average of these scores to get our weather scores.”

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    The top five worst weather cities list is rounded out by Belfast in fourth, with Warrington in fifth.

    Scotland is represented on the list by Aberdeen in eight, while Wales has Newport and Cardiff featuring in sixth and 10th respectively.

    At the other end of the scale, the seaside town of Hastings was named the sunshine capital of the UK, with residents basking in an average of 1,914 hours of sunshine each year

    The full top 10 is as follows:

    1. Burnley
    2. Manchester
    3. Preston
    4. Belfast
    5. Warrington
    6. Burton-upon-Trent
    7. Newport
    8. Aberdeen
    9. Stoke-on-Trent
    10. Cardiff

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