UK to see highs of 26C over bank holiday due to high pressure system from Azores

Despite a yellow Met Office warning for heavy rainfall, the Azores High will move in over the weekend, bringing in sunny spells.

The heavy rain, however, could cause a potential flood risk as the ground cannot absorb the heavy rain due to the effects of the drought brought about the record-breaking heat that was experienced in July and August.

According to the Met Office, the Azores High will move in over the weekend as meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “The Azores are a group of islands in the mid-Atlantic. Semi-Permanent high pressure sits here throughout much of the year.

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“But what's been happening through this year so far and especially during the summer, is high pressure from the Azores keeps extending across the UK, hence the warm summer and the very dry summer that we've had. And that repeating pattern repeats again this weekend."

While temperatures expected to reach 26C in London, Mr McGivern said low pressure could bring in wetter weather.

“There's also an area of low pressure which will likely bring some wetter weather for a time, later Saturday into Sunday to the northwest, mainly Northern Ireland, western Scotland, and then clearing from the far north of Scotland during Monday," he said.

The Met Office forecast for the week after the bank holiday read: “There is the possibility of rain in the west and northwest at times, and risk of potentially thundery showers in the south and east.

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“Winds returning to generally light. The end of this period may be characterised by a shift to more unsettled weather, most likely in north and west, while the south and east see the most of any dry weather.

“Temperatures remaining near average or warm throughout this period, though potentially rather cool in the east at first.”


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