UK suburb where people feel unsafe because someone is always off their head

Residents of a UK suburb have claim not a day goes by where they don’t feel threatened because “someone is always off their head” on booze.

Those in Fallowfield, south of Manchester, have complained of binge drinkers terrorising locals and leaving behind masses of litter, including knives, cans and condoms, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Sue Hare, speaking on behalf of Fallowfield Community Guardians, told local councillors that elderly man in his eighties had louts sit on his wall, throw cans into his garden and urinate into it.

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Sue said: "I brought a family up in Fallowfield. My kids now say 'don't walk down that road mum, because there's always someone off their head'.

“We feel unsafe walking in the streets in the daytime because of these groups of people drinking alcohol. We are not wimps – we put up with a lot,” she added.

Sue told local councillors that drinkers tend to hang around the nearby bus stop and the petrol station.

Residents said that the problems have been made worse by the local council’s decision to give the nearby petrol station an alcohol licence.

Representatives of the Motor Fuel Group (MFG) which runs the garage, said the type of cheap alcohol that would attract “problem drinkers” would not be sold.

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But despite this, locals said that its proximity to two hotels which now house homeless people should’ve been enough to disqualify the petrol station from ever getting a licence.

Despite all the opposition from local residents’ groups, the council gave the Shell garage an alcohol licence last week, allowing it to sell booze from 10am to 10pm every day.

A Manchester council spokesperson said: "Where we receive complaints about street drinking we will always respond to them. Wherever possible this response includes support for anyone with alcohol-related issues who is carrying it out, to help address any underlying issues."


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