UK set for -10C arctic plunge as snow on the way after 3,000-mile circle of wind

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    Britain is set to experience a -10C freeze in February, coupled with snow on the way to make it an extremely chilly start to the month.

    A "North Pole donut" of icy winds, which are 3,000-mile-wide circles of winds, will bring in unsettled weather including chilly shivers and snow in the coming weeks, according to forecasters.

    Spurts of snow has been forecasted for the upcoming weekend with weather experts suggesting that February will be a month of mixed weather conditions such as frosty nights coupled with milder days.

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    Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: "The donut of strong winds at the Pole is the polar vortex. And there's a weakening of the Polar Vortex."

    The Met Office's long-range weather forecast from February 3 to February 12 has said that the northern regions of the UK will continue to experience unsettled weather conditions.

    The forecast said that showers and longer spells of rain with strong gusts of winds are more likely to occur in the north and north-western parts of the UK.

    While across the southern areas, drier conditions with light winds are expected to be experienced, where fog patches overnight and in the morning are a possibility.

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    The Met Office's forecast for Tuesday (January 31) and Wednesday (February 1), says: "Cloud and outbreaks of rain, heavy in the northwest, will move south-eastwards across most parts. Blustery showers following to north-western areas. Windy, with gales in the north and west.

    "Cloud and patchy rain soon clearing southeast England, then many southern and eastern areas dry with sunny spells. Frequent heavy showers in the northwest, blown along on gale force winds."


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