UK long-range snow forecast: Russian Arctic blast warning as-10C winter freeze hits – maps

UK weather: Met Office warns of ice and freezing conditions

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Long-range weather forecasters are watching a freezing weather system that has formed over Scandinavia. If this system is allowed to break out over Western Europe it could meet the moist air coming off the Atlantic and bring a blanket of snow and sleet and freezing conditions across the UK. The weather system is derived from sub-zero conditions coming from the Arctic.

The low pressure over Scandinavia will draw down cold Artic air, and when it meets moist air it becomes a snowmaker weather system.

If this weather system does break out it will hit Denmark first then Holland and other northern European countries.

It could eventually creep into Britain leading to sub-zero conditions, probably in the New Year.

Jim NR Dale, author of ‘Weather or Not?’ said it was interesting that there was a “perilously” cold weather system over Scandanavia.

He added that this is “something to watch for” in the UK.

Although the meteorologist wanted to stress that this weather system has not affected Britain at the moment and is unconnected to current freezing temperatures in the UK.

Speaking to, the weather expert said: “The thing to watch for in the medium to long term is the perilously low temperatures in Scandanavia.

“This is a potential blocking situation, that may happen in January or even February.

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“This means that cold air in situ acts like a barrier to warmer weather coming in from the Atlantic.

“The freezing weather over Scandanavia is usually creeping from northern Russia, into Scandanavia then into the UK.

“This system comes off the pole.

“However, so far it has not stretched this far down and it is not connected to the low temperatures experienced at the moment over the UK.

“I feel that December as a whole will be a mixed month, with snow mainly in the north.”

Temperatures dropped to as low as -10C last night following forecasts of the “coldest night of the season”.

As for the short term forecast for the UK, Meteorologist Tony Zartman speaking to said: “After this morning, with milder air returning to the United Kingdom, the chance for snow across southern England, particularly around London through the rest of this week will be low.

“Any snow that would fall across the south of England through the remainder of the week would be confined to the higher ground.

Overall, temperatures during the next couple of weeks are expected to average out near to slightly above normal.

“So, the threat for snow across the south of England will remain low for most outside of the high ground.”

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