UK lightning forecast: 30C air to spark BIG CRASH of storms, flooding and mini-tornados

BBC Weather: Temperatures to drop as low pressure front moves in

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Low pressure from the Atlantic is set to blast away the ridge of high pressure from the south that is currently sending temperatures nudging 30C in many parts the UK today. The big crash of the two pressure systems could result in huge storms battering the nation as the week progresses. Jim Dale, a forecaster at British Weather Services, suggested the change of pressure could cause intense weather conditions, including “flash flooding, hail, storms and even mini-tornados”.

He told “There will be thunderstorms from Wednesday and Thursday this week.

“From Thursday, the scattered thunderstorms are likely to become more widespread in England and Wales.

“Low pressure from the south will push the high ridge of hot air away by the end of the week, which could cause flash flooding, hail, storms and even mini-tornados if you’re really unlucky.

“So people should be prepared if they are planning to walk in the park with a t-shirt on.

“This is not our normal latitude for this time of year as we do not normally get this sort of heat in September.

“This is definitely unusual.”

Netweather also pinpointed when the low pressure could sweep into the UK and lash storms this week.

They then posted a map showing swirls of blue, green and red, representing the thunderstorms, sweeping over western parts of the UK tomorrow.

The forecaster posted on Twitter: “Already at 27/28C by noon today.

“Wednesday/Thursday = Risk of thunderstorms and rain showers as Atlantic low pressure interrupts the UK heat.

“Not for everyone, even within a warning area.

“Wednesday evening looks interesting over northern France and Channel Islands.”

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Ian Simpson, a forecaster at Netweather, also predicted a warm start to the week before thunderstorms to then hit.

He said: “On Thursday a band of rain will move northwards, spreading through most of England and Wales overnight Wednesday/Thursday and then becoming slow-moving across northern England and southern Scotland on Thursday.

“There may again be some thunderstorms embedded in the rain, especially in the south. Following behind, brighter weather with scattered thundery showers will develop over the rest of England and Wales, and this will also spread into Northern Ireland.

“Northern Scotland is expected to stay dry for much of the day. In the brighter weather, much of England will be warm, but less so than on recent days, seeing highs of 23 to 26C, but elsewhere highs of around 20C will be typical.

“Looking further ahead, Friday and Saturday look set to be mainly cloudy with fewer showers and thunderstorms around as high pressure slowly rebuilds from the west.

“Temperatures will generally be a little above average for the time of year, peaking at 22 to 24C in central and eastern parts of England.

“The longer-term outlook sees high pressure re-establish across northern Britain, promising plenty of warm dry sunny weather for north-western Britain but potentially more cloud for the south and east.”

The BBC’s long-range forecast between Wednesday, September 8, and Sunday, September 12, added cooler air could arrive in the UK as Hurricane Larry starts to develop over the weekend.

The forecast said: “A wetter end to the week is in store for most of the UK eventually, with some thunderstorms and heavy showers moving through to close out the working week.

“Temperatures will quickly moderate from a very warm midweek, dropping to nearer the seasonal norm by the weekend. Hurricane Larry, meanwhile, should help build a ridge of high pressure that will push in from the west over the weekend, sending lows into Scandinavia.

“This will bring some drier but cooler weather for much of the UK, but rain chances will persist for the South and East of England.”

The Met Office also warned the storm conditions could linger throughout the rest of September.

The weather agency’s long-range forecast between Wednesday, September 22, and Wednesday, October 6, said: “Confidence is typically low.

“The most likely scenario is that conditions remain more unsettled overall from mid-to late September, beyond which a trend to more settled conditions is probable, especially across the south.

“Within the unsettled period there is a very low risk of very disturbed, perhaps stormy conditions.

“Rainfall expected to be above average, although may trend to near or drier than average late into September and into early October. Temperatures likely to remain above average throughout.”

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