UK hot weather forecast: Sizzling 21C European jet stream to cook Britain THIS WEEKEND

BBC weather: UK set for warm and sunny Easter weekend

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Plans for the upcoming Easter bank holiday will be nicely favoured by temperatures as high as 21C, and sunshine. The enjoyable conditions will be accompanied by dry weather, with no rain for most of the Easter break, according to British Weather Services’ forecaster, Jim Dale.

Mr Dale told “The majority of the weekend will be dry, fairly warm, and with some sunshine, as well.

“The sunshine will dip in and out to a certain degree, particularly in the west.”

According to the forecaster, the Easter break will begin “very pleasantly” with temperatures peaking on Saturday at 19C-20C, and perhaps even 21C in the southeast of England.

But temperatures will come down on Monday, Mr Dale said.

He noted: “Monday looks fresher, 4-5C cooler bringing it down to 14-15C.

“But overall it will be a very pleasant, mostly dry weekend, best in the East and the South.”

Mr Dale explained that the warm weather is coming with a wave from France.

He said: “The direction of travel is from the south, it comes from France.

“It’s a southerly airstream from France which will go westerly, southwest to west as we go into Monday.”

The much-wanted wave of good weather will clash with the pressure from North Atlantic frontal systems, which are then expected to come out on top and bring the temperature down.

Mr Dale noted: “From Sunday into Monday we will see a bit of a collapse in the west.

“Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Cornwall will see the thicker clouds late on Sunday.”

He added regarding the forecast: “The Atlantic frontal systems will bring rain to the west.

“There’s a battle going on between that and the high pressure over central and eastern areas.

“But I think it will be won by the fresher air of the Atlantic trying to get in.

“The majority of that will go into eastern areas overnight, Sunday into Monday.”

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Mr Dale stated regarding the weather in the capital of England: “People staying in London will get the best of it, they are in the best place”.

He said: “The weather in London will be very pleasant, with areas near London Heathrow airport getting the higher temperatures of the entire weekend.”

“It will be a ‘walk in the park’ for London, literally.”

Mr Dale concluded: “It will be quite enjoyable for the most part.”

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