UK cold weather forecast: Mercury plunges sub-zero as polar vortex to strike Britain

Weather warning: Huge waves and heavy snow forecast

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The latest charts from meteorologists reveal that temperatures for mid-November will be below zero. The long-range forecast by BBC Weather shows cold winds and below-average temperatures for the month of November. The weather will turn drier throughout the month and will be colder than in October.

BBC weather forecast stated: “Heading into the second half of November, we expect the weather to gradually shift away from the more progressive, unsettled pattern seen early in the month toward a more persistent, drier outlook.

“High pressure looks likely in the Atlantic to the west or south-west of the UK, and this will tend to push low pressure into Scandinavia.

“The result is a drier pattern, but also colder north-westerly or northerly winds, so temperatures will tend to fall below average.”

BBC Weather long-range forecast stated that there will be “a gradual change around the middle of the month” where temperatures will get much colder across the UK.

This is because of “low pressure that gets locked into eastern parts of Europe”.

This low-pressure area “will tend to see the driest conditions in the west with the greatest chances of precipitation in the east”.

The temperature drop will be created by a “strong high in the Atlantic” which will see the jet stream become weakened.

BBC Weather added that “the jet stream is a fast-moving ribbon of air in the upper atmosphere that drives weather fronts, and if it is weaker, that means fronts will be slower and carry less precipitation”.

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The differing weather fonts will cause “a drier pattern” across the UK.

Britain could be crippled by an energy crisis this winter because of low backup supplies brought on by supply chain problems.

Today the Daily Telegraph environment sections tweeted: “Gas shortage fears and a polar vortex threaten to plunge Britain into extreme cold crisis.

“The UK and the rest of the world must learn the lessons of the devastating cold snap in Texas this year that killed more than 200 people.”

Dr Adi Imsirovic, a senior research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, said: “If we have a really cold winter, we could be pretty tight.

“It’s just the perfect storm of a lot of demand and all these weather-related issues.”

Also speaking to the Daily Telegraph Mike Foster, chief executive of the trade group Energy and Utilities Alliance, spoke about the UK’s reliance on gas and said: “A number of countries are doing the right thing, and reducing reliance upon dirtier fuels such as coal.

“But as a consequence, the easy replacement for coal is quite often gas.

“So gas is being demanded more globally.”

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