UFO whistleblower claims Govt ‘tried to silence him’ with false information

A former UFO hunter claims the US Government tried to silence him after he opened up about the threat from UFOs.

Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO-hunting Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, says that the US government deliberately spread rumours designed to discredit him.

Elizondo said he felt the need to go public because he was so concerned at the increasing number of UAP [unidentified aerial phenomena] reports from military personnel.

He said: “I became alarmed by the frequency and duration of UAP activity in and around controlled U.S. airspace.

“The instances seemed more provocative, and during one instance, they came within feet of a US fighter aircraft.”

And according to Elizondo, there was no coherent response to the growing threat within the Pentagon: “Leadership involvement was almost non-existent,” he said, even as “UAP reporting to our office was increasing”.

But forces within the US government briefed a number of online journalists against Elizondo, describing him as a “crazy” fantasist.

“Several internet bloggers were notified … that I had no duties regarding AATIP and that AATIP did not involve the study of UAPs,” Elizondo said. “As a result, the bloggers began to disseminate reporting, accusing me of being a fabricator.”

Elizondo plans to take legal action to clear his name, and his legal team plans to meet with investigators next month.

Daniel Sheehan, Elizondo’s attorney, says: “What he is saying is there are certain individuals in the Defense Department who in fact were attacking him and lying about him publicly, using the colour of authority of their offices to disparage him and discredit him.

They were also, he says, "interfering in his ability to seek and obtain gainful employment out in the world,” as well as potentially threatening his security clearance.

After Elizondo shared his concerns with US news site Politico, the Pentagon refused to respond to the accusation.

Dwrena Allen, a spokesperson for the US Defence Department Inspector General's Office declined to offer an official comment.

“I cannot speculate or deliberate about complaints that our office may have received,” she said.

“I certainly cannot confirm or deny the existence of an investigation to the same,” she added.

A report on UAPs is due to be delivered to the US Congress next month, outlining the potential threat from the growing UAP presence around military ships, planes and installations.

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