Uber driver gets stuck in ditch after blindly following sat-nav

A dozy Uber driver got himself stuck down a ditch in the middle of the countryside after blindly following his sat-nav on his way home.

The unnamed driver had been returning from a job in the village of Marsden near Huddersfield when he suffered the embarrassing motoring mishap.

After he asked his sat nav to take him back to the A62, his navigation device showed a route that ended up taking him into darkness and down a steep incline across Saddleworth Moor.

But despite this track being narrow and littered with jagged rocks the driver kept on going — right up until his Mercedes Vito became lodged in a short ditch.

He tried at first to reverse his way out of the problem, but eventually decided to ring his friends and ask them for a lift back home from a more accessible road nearby. 

Locals discovering his failed cross-country shortcut the next day reportedly thought they had stumbled upon the scene of a joyriding incident.

It was only when the driver returned to his abandoned car and explained the mishap that they found out that it was in fact the owner's fault.

Craig Hannah, a local resident, said she thought it was “amazing” that the driver managed to get that far along the “rough and very steep” track.

“Apparently he had been working in the area late on Saturday night and was trying to return to base,” she said.

“A passenger did say he could drive down the lane even though there was a sign warning that it was unsuitable for vehicles. 

She adeed that "if you were local" you would know the road is not passable, but the driver was guy was "clearly" from out of town and "didn't know" as a result.

The vehicle was rescued by a breakdown truck on Monday (14 March), with the Uber driver reportedly awaiting repair costs as of Thursday.

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