Tourists horror when noticing theyd been with 6ft alligator for hours

A woman was left horrified when she and her friends realised they had been swimming with a 6.5ft alligator in a lake for hours.

Adelisa, 22, and her pals spent a weekend near Lake Livingstone in Texas, US, and had rented an Airbnb by the shore.

The group checked with the Airbnb host and the neighbours to make sure the lake was "alligator-free" before dipping their feet into the water.

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Sharing their weekend retreat in a video, Adelisa and her friends are seen enjoying kayaking, swimming and sunbathing.

"They told us there was nothing in the water but fish," she said in the clip. "And then…"

She zooms in her camera, which shows a mysterious object that resembles the shape of a log.

Later, the group find out it's an alligator as it approaches to the dock where they were making an Instagram reel of the moment.

Adelisa shared: "I turned around to see if we could maybe find a place to put the phone where the view would be nice.

"Instead I saw somethng in a shape of log, then it disappeared. I knew it was an alligator immediately after!

"We think that someone feeds it near the dock we stayed at. It was just cruising around near our dock, but then left."

Recalling the moment they checked with the neighbours, they were told there were no alligators because "they can't get in".

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"I asked the neighbour of the place we stayed in if he knew alligators were there and he had a worried look on his face and shook his head and said 'no'," Adelisa added.

"When in reality, the alligators can (get in the water), but they will just struggle getting out due to the edges of the lake."

The group was convinced that they had been swimming with the apex predator for six hours until Adelisa spotted it at around 5.40pm when her friends were still in the water.


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