Topless XR protester slams trolls as shes set to make £18k a month on OnlyFans

An Extinction Rebellion activist using the internet to raise public awareness of the group's ideas says she is set to raise a fortune for the cause after launching a raunchy OnlyFans page.

Laura Amherst, who has become notorious for her topless protests, hit back at the trolls calling her an “Overrated tacky bimbo slag" as she revealed her surprising financial news.

“Update on my fan site,” she wrote in yet another topless Instagram post. “Made £1200 in the first 2 days.

“If it carries on like this, £18,000 a month – every month – for these amazing causes doesn’t sound half bad, but we will see the numbers!

She added that as well as her appearances at ER protests, she has some “cool individual activism lined up” too. She advised fans to keep their eyes “peeled like a potato”.

Hitting back her critics, Laura said: "I wish all the keyboard warriors applied the same scrutiny and standards to industry and billion-pound corporations as they do to the common person trying to make a difference in this issue. I wish you even applied the same standards to yourself!

“Taking my clothes off gets people talking,” she says.

While Laura accepts it may never be a perfect world, “it’s about our net effects and working more and more towards sustainability, that’s all we can reasonably hope for. We can all do something to make some changes.

“We can all rally together and put more pressure on our governments,” Laura says.

She explained that her nude protests were ensuring plenty of coverage for Extinction Rebellion’s message: "If me taking my clothes off can help save the planet then why not. I made the decision on Monday at the start of the protest campaign. It was my own choice, it had nothing to do with anybody else.”

Laura “wasn't nervous at all’ about stripping off in public and says “I felt that it made a lot of people happy.”

Laura says that only strangers have complained about her nearly-naked protests: "My boyfriend has been very supportive about my decision to go topless as has my father. But it's got nothing to do with them because this is my body and I'm my own woman."

She added: ”They both know how passionate I am about saving the planet," she adds.

Laura says that a lot of people congratulated her for her bravely eye-catching protest, "especially women", she adds.

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