Topless clown ‘tormenting’ residents of West Midlands town as he prowls estate

A topless clown in full circus make-up is frightening residents of a UK town who claim the red-nosed individual "stared out" a 19-year-old woman before laughing in her face.

Police have been contacted by householders who say the clown is in danger of making Ploverdale Crescent, Kingswinford, a no-go area.

Officers are taking steps to locate the person behind the costume, but residents say it is no laughing matter, BirminghamLive reports.

On Thursday, an individual approached a young couple delivering leaflets who initially thought he was on his way to a children’s party.

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The clown then "stared out" the 19-year-old woman before laughing in her face, leaving the woman frightened.

She said: “He stared at my girlfriend for a minute or so and started to laugh like a clown.

"At first I just thought he was on his way to a children’s party or something, I didn’t see him that clearly."

She added: ""We tried to ignore him and carried on doing the leaflets, we tried to pay no attention to him to see if he would stop. But as we got closer, he got in his car and opened his passenger door and asked me if I was someone he knew.

"When I said no, he started laughing more. It was a scary experience for both of us. I went out last night and spent half the time looking over my shoulder."

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The clown has also terrified a paper boy who was so shocked to see him that he cycled to a nearby park for safety.

His mum said: ”My son phoned me to say what had happened – and kept the call going.

"As he approached Ploverdale, my son was hysterical. The clown stopped by him again. Myself and his dad ran after him, but he had gone by the time we got there. Police have been informed."

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police confirmed complaints had been received, but, as yet, there is no reason to believe a crime has been committed.

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