Toddler traumatised after perfect and calm family dogs random savage attack

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A tot was left with horrific injuries after she was savaged in a freak attack from her family’s pet dog.

The St Bernard, who weighed 60kg and stood at a whopping 6ft-tall, had lived in the home for almost a year before the savage incident and was previously “calm and perfect” and loved cuddling up to the youngster.

But the pooch suddenly turned to predator in a random outburst that left one-year-old Mené covered in blood and gruesome wounds.

Mum Lizanne Naudé, from Johannesburg, South Africa, told The Mirror: “Her lip was completely ripped open and she had a huge wound near her neck – it's amazing that didn't hit a major artery.

"We had no idea how she would even look after the skin grafts and face surgery because she was so bandaged up.

"It's been nearly a year now but the impact has been huge – it's hard not to think about the worst that could have happened.

"My daughter and son are both traumatised and my husband and I both have nightmares about it.”

After Mené was raced to hospital following the brutal attack, medics covered her in bandages.

Although her wounds have healed, the youngster still needs treatment at a scar clinic and now struggles with her babbling speech.

Lizanne, 32, continued: “He was house trained and perfect with the kids – he'd never flinch and we'd never had any issues but that day he just changed.

"He gave no signs he was going to attack – animal instinct you can never really trust and you need to be aware of it.

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"We're thankful at the end of the day because it could have been so much more serious, but it's been a hell of a rollercoaster."

The day after the attack, that took place on August 22 last year, dad Jaco was taking the family pet to the vets when it attacked him again.

Vets decided that the temperamental and unpredictable nature of the St Bernard meant the safest course of action was to put him down as rehabilitation was too risky.

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