TikTok of ‘drunk’ friends lying by Thames in post-lockdown boozefest goes viral

A woman's light-hearted TikTok showing her "wasted" friends lying on the streets of London has gone viral as thousands of thirsty Brits lapped up their first pint inside a pub for the first time this year.

Lindsey Smith, from Llanelli in Wales, and her five friends travelled to the capital to spend a night out drinking indoors as pubs and restaurants finally reopened fully.

In the hilarious clip the Welsh woman can be heard joking with her friends, who are seen lying on the footpath next to River Thames.

Dozens of empty beer bottles, rubbish and plastic bags are scattered along the ledge.

She says: "Oh come on now, girls. If you don't get up, we're gonna miss the bloody trains."

Her friends put on their best acting skills to appear they have "passed out" after a crazy booze party.

One of them is seen lying face-down on the floor and two other are leaning against the wall among dozens of empty beer cans.

A woman in grey trousers and a black puffer jacket even puts up a middle finger in response to Lindsey's calling.

Lindsey wrote with a laughing emoji: "Can’t take Llanelli girls anywhere."

The clip has amassed more than 600,000 views since she posted it on Monday and viewers loved it.

One said: "Tell me you're Welsh without telling me you're Welsh."

A second joked: "Absolutely brilliant, definitely a good drinking sesh."

Another, who is believed to be one of the women in the group, added: "The rubbish was already there. We just had a bit of fun."

Other joyful punters across the UK enjoyed their newfound freedoms as the clock struck 12am on Monday, May 17.

The Oak Inn in Coventry said 100 people gathered for a beer after he opened his doors at midnight.

Ian Snowball, owner of Showtime Bar in Huddersfield, said it was "incredible" to be able to let punters inside.

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