Thug said ‘kill all blacks’ after severing ear in cocaine-fuelled knife attack

A man who had bitten off his friend’s ear before severing his own with a kitchen knife confronted a disabled woman with a bloodstained blade still in his had.

Stephen Cooke, 26, stabbed his friend in the side of the head and back before biting off his vulnerable friend’s ear in a savage attack.

His 21-year-old victim lay in a pool of blood as Cooke severed his own ear before his victim was able to bravely escape out of the bedroom window of his home with the help of his girlfriend and cousin.

Neighbours witnessed Cooke, who was high on cocaine at the time, heading towards a nearby park covered in blood, LiverpoolEcho reports.

At the park, Cooke came across a woman on a mobility scooter out walking her dog and subjected her to a terrifying ordeal by launching into a chilling rant in which he said he was going to "kill all the blacks".

Charlotte Atherton, prosecuting, said Cooke stopped in front of the woman, put his hand on her shoulder and asked the woman if they’re friends.

She told Liverpool Crown Court Cooke said: "We're friends, aren't we? We don't know what's happened, do we? The bizzies are after me.

"I'm going to kill them all, kill all the blacks, cut them like cows and show the farmers."

Ms Atherton added: "She saw he had a large knife, which she described between nine to 12 inches long, in his other hand.

"She describes being left extremely shook up and afraid of walking her dog."

Members of the public who had overheard Cooke rambling called the police and armed officers arrived and detained him at gunpoint.

Cooke had thrown the knife away into the grass, and a police dog was deployed and managed to track down the weapon nearby.

The 26-year-old’s victim suffered "partial amputations" to both ears and now suffers from recurring nightmares he describes as "a video" repeatedly playing in his mind.

He said was conscious about how he looked, didn't feel safe and his former "friend" had "wrecked his life".

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Cooke, of Liscard, in Wallasey, Merseyside, who said he didn't remember the attack, admitted wounding with intent and possessing a knife in public.

Judge Parrington said: "This was a wholly unprovoked attack on what I consider to be a vulnerable man."

He told Cooke that not only did he leave his victim with "serious physical and psychological harm of a lasting nature" he also "caused fear to an innocent bystander".

Jailing Cooke, Mr Parrington called him a "dangerous man who will remain so in the future".

Cooke was sentenced to nine years, six years of which he must spend behind bars, with an extended two years on license.

The 26-year-old only be released before the end of his sentence if a parole board considers he is no longer a risk to the public.

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