Terrifying skull-shaped asteroid was once spotted flying by Earth on Halloween

A spooky asteroid in the shape of a skull flew past the Earth one Halloween.

With a creepy resemblance to the inside of a human head, asteroid 2015 TB145 was given the nickname “The Great Pumpkin” when it flew by.

It whizzed by the planet in 2015, often since being referred to as the Halloween asteroid.

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Spotted a few weeks before the big day itself by the cutting-edge Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS), it wasn’t until Halloween that people really knew what it looked like.

The now-decommissioned Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico gathered the data showing that TB145 was shaped pretty much exactly like a skull, with two cavernous eyes, a cartilage-free nose hole and gaunt cheekbones.

At less than half a mile wide The Great Pumpkin zipped by Earth on October 30 that year at a distance of 300,000 miles.

Not much further away than the distance of the Moon, the skull was something of a near miss in the grand scheme of space but was never regarded as posing a threat to life on Earth.

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In 2018, hopeful pumpkin spotters were left disappointed when optimism that it was due for another pass at Halloween was squashed.

It ended up passing by a whopping 28million miles meaning no telescopes were able to tell what it looked like – and it didn’t reach its closest point that year until November 11.

Despite assumptions that it would have looked the same reports claimed that in the three years since it looked like a skull the shape of it may have morphed over time.

Asteroids spend much of their existence smacking into other things floating through space.

According to NASA it is a ‘dead’ comet that has been trailing its matter through the Solar System.

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