Tearful Scottish man trapped in Ukraine with his family describes nightmare

A Scottish dad in Ukraine has given a harrowing account of what it was like waking up to the sound of air raid sirens.

Struggling to contain his emotions, Sean Cusick, from Glasgow, explains: "Yeah I can't talk… trying to control crying."

In another clip, he says: "We were woken up at 4.45 in the morning with huge explosions and earthquakes.

"I felt them first then started to hear a rumble again and again.

"We've prepared our go-bags, we have a shelter nearby but we've been told by the authorities to stay home, told by the UK Government to stay home."

Sean, a space industry consultant, then explains how it will be difficult to escape the warzone with his family due to the shelling.

He says: "All the airports in Ukraine have been attacked. Civilian airspace is dead.

"I'll need to take a few days train journey just to get close to a border, the trains are currently running but I don't have the money to get a train.

"I came to Ukraine to get married to my partner in October last year, we got married in November, ever since then we've been trying to leave."

Sean's wife, Chloe, is Ukrainian and she currently doesn't have travel documents due to recently changing her last name following the marriage.

He said he can leave with his British passport but won't leave his wife and her two-year-old son and so is waiting for her documents.

In a GoFund Me begging for financial assistance, he wrote: "I am currently in Ukraine on a spousal visa, staying with my wife Chloe and her son Everett.

"You will all be aware of the escalating international crisis in Ukraine and the advice for all UK citizens to leave.

"However, what about those of us with families? I can't leave Chloe and Everett behind."

So far, the fundraiser has hit £6,991 of its £40,000 goal and Sean has been inundated with messages of support.

One donor told him: "I don't know you Sean, but as a parent, I can only imagine how scary this must be.

"I hope you and your family stay safe and get to where you need to be soon."

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