Teacher accused of sexual relationship with student says Ill miss kisses

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    An ex-biology teacher in the US is under investigation amid accusations that she's shared several sexual encounters with a mentally ill 16-year-old student at a school for kids with special needs.

    Sandy Carazas-Pinez, who's married with three children, allegedly had sex with the youngster in her car on at least 12 separate occasions.

    In addition, according to allegations from the student's mother, she messaged the teenager an abundance of nude images and sexts, documents obtained by The New York Post.

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    The Bronx and Staten Island investigations discovered numerous inappropriate messages sent in the late hours of the night between the teacher and student, who attends, Biondi School in Yonkers at the city Department of Education’s expense.

    It is run by the nonprofit Rising Ground. The school has since terminated their former employee's contract.

    Earlier this year, when thinking of ending the relationship, Casarez-Pinez allegedly wrote: "I know for me it isn’t going to be easy; I will miss your kisses, hugs and everything."

    In January, she supposedly fumed when the student didn't respond to her, asserting: “Throughout the whole vacation, you have shut me out, and the only time you would hit me up was when you wanted to . . . tell me that you are crushing on other teachers . . . I am not a piece of ass with no feelings.”

    On March 24, Casarez-Pinez denied ever engaging in intercourse with the 16-year-old, claiming: "I didn’t even know there were these allegations. He would tell me he loved me, and I would just reciprocate.”

    She added that the car allegations are not true, offering an explanation of: "He asked me for a ride, and it was snowing that day."

    Furthermore, she claimed the boy retrieved her nudes as: " He had the passcode to my phone.”

    However, her husband isn't convinced.

    On an earlier call, he raged: “You told me you quit, Sandy. You’re done, Sandy, if this is true. . . . You’re f***ing done; pack your stuff and leave.”

    He informed the Post that he'd kicked her out of his property and left her to move back in with her parents.

    The mother of the student accused the academic of 'fondling' her son in class as well as asking him to lie to keep her out of trouble.

    A recorded phone call obtained by The Post, features audio in which the boy asked Casarez-Pinez why she was “pulled out” of the school: “Did they see us having sex, or did they see me getting in the car? They didn’t see us having sex, so what’s the issue? . . . We hid from the cameras, though, right?”

    She informed him: “They’re saying we were too close … that it was pretty much like us being in a relationship. And that’s, like, against everything. One, because you’re underage, and two, because I’m your teacher.”

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    The teen is diagnosed with schizophrenia and mood disorder.

    In a statement, Rising Ground said: “We are upset, shocked, and appalled by the behavior of a former teacher who betrayed the values of the school by engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student."

    The boy's mother, whose name has remained secret to maintain her son's anonymity, is furious that the authorities have not detained the teacher despite a fortnight passing since her son revealed the events to NYPD special-victim detectives.

    She raged: “If my son was not an African-American boy, and the genders were reversed, you know the teacher would already be in handcuffs."

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