Stubborn dog refuses to leave car despite owners pleas leaving viewers howling

A golden retriever pulled out all the stops to stay inside a car despite his owner begging him to get out.

Owner Sam Dawson says her dog, Lenny, has a "mind of his own" which was proven by her video that's gone viral on Facebook.

In the hilarious clip, the goofy fur ball stays on the back seat inside the car and looks at Sam, who tells him: "Lenny, it's time to go inside. Time to go to the house, come on."

He leans his head to the door frame and blinks several times.

Sam gives a gentle pat to her pet and tries again: "Let's go. Go, come on, Lenny. Get out of the car please."

Lenny remains on the seat and refuses to move an inch. He frowns at Sam and looks away.

Getting frustrated, Sam has one last try and tells him: "Lenny please get out of the car. Lenny, get out of the car.

"We have to go inside, we need to get back to work. Go, come one Lenny."

Many golden retriever owners were left in stitches, calling Lenny's performance a "classic golden move".

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One said: "Oh boy, been there, done that. We know who's in charge here.'

A second wrote: "Oh I get it Lenny. Thats how I feel about going back to work."

Some said their golden retrievers acted exactly the same as Lenny every time they went for a car ride.

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A viewer shared: " Oh my God, my dog was the same. He just wanted to hang out in the truck so I would leave him there unless it was hot."

Another commented: "The ride was not long enough. You have to drive around the block again, and again, and again.

"They are definitely stubborn. But they are lucky they are so damn cute."

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