Smithy family earn enough from TikTok for Dad Nick to quit day job

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The Smithy family have more than 2.5 million followers on TikTok and are famous for sharing funny and heartwarming videos.

Parents Nick and Jess have two daughters – Amelia, six and Isabella, nine and they are often joined in their videos by half-brother Jack, 13.

Based in South London, the family of five live by the positive motto that "life is what you make it – so make it good".

This life-motto will have been put to the test for the popular family, after their house was burnt down on Thursday 15 July.

What are the Smithy family famous for?

According to Ladbible, Dad Nick joined TikTok after his daughters said he was too embarrassing to join them in their videos.

Nick subsequently created his own account, and since then the Smithy TikTok has blown up.

The family have also found follow-up success on their other social media accounts.

Online fame has meant that Nick can step away from his day-job working as a builder, MyLondon reported.

What is the Smith family net worth?

Nick has previously disclosed that the family Facebook account alone is pulling in more dough than his old job as a builder.

Like every good social media star, the Smithy family have released their own line of merch, which will be pulling in extra money.

The family have not said how much they earn. TikTok stars will be paid vastly different amounts depending on the content they post, the engagement they have and the deals they strike with brands.

The Smithy family fire

On Thursday 15 July, Dad Nick posted an emotional video of himself in the wreck of his home, which had been burnt in a bad blaze.

The family made news headlines shortly after it was suspected that the fire was as a result of a suspected arson attack.

The dramatic video showed a car gutted by the flames and the home left black and charred by the fire.

Dad Nick said: "We all got out the house OK, the kids are fine… the dogs are OK. The house is not OK. The kids are at a safe place.

"To the people who have done this, you could have killed our family and not only our family, my neighbours, my friends. It's unforgivable."

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