Sickos say they kidnapped dog and will ‘do it up the a*** ‘ if ransom isn’t paid

Sick trolls threatened to anally rape a dog after its distraught pet owner put up notices begging for its return.

Pupkiss, a Jack Russell from the Dublin suburb of Neilstown, went missing on Wednesday.

After Pupkiss went missing, Susanne asked for help on Facebook, saying: “Hey friends and family just want to ask could you keep an eye out for my little Jack Russell he went for a little walk this morning and he hasn’t come home."

She added: “If you brought him can let them back out I’ll give the whistle. His name is Pupkiss. Neilstown, Clondalkin TIA," and said that Pupkiss was microchipped and that Bobby, his elder brother, was missing him.

Even though she offered a reward, reports Dublin Live, there was no response.

The following day a revolting “ransom note” was left on the windscreen of owner Susanne’s car.

It read “we have your dog. We want 25 euros,” before continuing: “If our demands are not met by Friday we will do Trixie up the a*** and make Blackie watch.”

The vile 'trolls' spelt the dogs' names wrong in the note.

It read in full: "Ransom demand – we have your dog. We want 25 euros (in untraceable coins). If our demands are not met by Friday we will do Trixie up the a*** and make Blackie watch, you will hear Trixie howl all the way from Moorefield, it's gonna be a ruff night for Trix. PS wait for further instructions."

Susanne shared the “kidnappers” message, saying "I'VE JUST RECEIVED THIS ON THE WINDSCREEN OF MY CAR. I am distraught and disgusted, I’ve informed the [police] and everyone I know is on the look out.

“A REWARD will be offered getting this dog back. No questions asked. Some sick bastard is stating they’ll have my dog raped. I will find them.”

Sh added that police would be checking CCTV in the area in a bid to track down the sickos responsible for the note.

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