Sicko who raped grans mini horse 4 times in a week wore condom to avoid STI

A man who admitted having sex with a miniature horse explained he wore a condom each time for protection.

In October 2018 a horse owner was mortified to find her grandson standing behind her horse with "his pants around his ankles"

The stunned grandmother was not the only poor family member to see the then 21-year-old, Nicholas Sardo appear to romp the animal in its field.

Sardo's aunt told police that she also saw him naked below the waist as he pressed up against the pet's backside.

Unlike other bestiality perverts who have died being on the receiving end of a stallion's passion, the unemployed Florida man mounted a miniature horse (around half the size of a standard horse) from behind.

In the affidavit seen by the Daily Star, it states that Karen Milano called officers out to her home in Citra, Florida on October 13 2018 to investigate her grandson.

The document says Sardo admitted to his aunt Toni Mawby that he had romped 'Jackie G' the miniature horse four times that week.

When questioned about the twisted sexual behaviour, Toni exclaimed to officers: "He f***** Jackie G!"

The affidavit adds that when asked why he was being interviewed by police, Sardo responded: "I committed the misdemeanour charge of sodomy on an animal."

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According to police reports he also admitted to being a "sick man"

Despite getting up and intimate with an animal, Sardo claimed he did not totally disregard health and safety as he made sure he was wearing a condom every time.

"The defendant admitted to sodomizing Jackie G four separate times during the course of one week. The defendant advised he used a condom each time he had sex with Jackie G," the affidavit reads.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested Sardo on four counts of sexual activities involving animals.

The identical charges read Sardo "did knowingly engage in sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal, in that he did cause his sex organ to contact or penetrate the anus of a miniature horse."

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According to records provided by the Marion County Clerk of Courts, Sardo spent one month and 24 days in jail.

Court records also show Sardo has since been charged with being in possession of animals despite being banned from owning them in February last year.

Prior to that he was charged with beating up 73-year-old woman whose mobile phone he stole so she couldn’t call the police, Ocala News reports.

A neighbour who called 911 on her behalf told police he heard Sardo yell to the his victim "I’m going to kill you", according to the sheriff’s office report.

Sardo told the deputy he was upset and had enough so dragged the woman to the ground when she walked outside and took her phone before hitting her on the knee, the report said.

The victim alleged that as she screamed for help, Sardo hit her on the head several times and threateningly grabbed a piece of rope which they fought over.

She told police that she feared Sardo wanted to kill her and she is afraid of him, the report said.

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