Shame on you! Ukraine ambassador erupts at Austria police over flag ban

Vienna: Crowds with Russian flags gather in city centre

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The Ukrainian Ambassador to Austria has criticised Austrian police forces for removing flag-wearing protesters in Vienna. Olexander Scherba fumed at Austrian police as individuals draped in Ukrainian flags were escorted away from a gathering in the capital. A large group, undisturbed by Austrian officials, continued to chant and wave Russian flags in an apparent display of support for Vladimir Putin.

In a statement to social media, Mr Scherba publicly denounced the Vienna police forces captured in the footage.

The Ukrainian Ambassador said: “People with Russia flags have a nice party in Vienna downtown – while people with Ukraine flags get removed.

“Dear Austria, how is it even possible in the middle of Putin’s war and all Russian war crimes?

“Shame on you!”

Mr Scherba rounded off his statement by tagging the official account of Vienna police.

Vienna police addressed the incident in a statement published to their Twitter account.

They said: “A  pro-Russian rally was held yesterday at Stephansplatz. 

“In the course of this, about 15-20 people mingled with Ukraine flags. 

“To protect everyone involved, to prevent escalation and to comply with the law to ensure a safety distance of 50m, the people with the Ukrainian flags were asked to leave the area.

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The statement continued: “They also complied with this request. 

“No people were arrested or flags seized.”

The police force confirmed the demonstration captured in the video footage was a display of support for the Russian invading forces of Vladimir Putin.

The authorities in Vienna claimed a small group of pro-Ukraine protesters had been asked to leave the area but argued this was due to concerns for their safety.

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Officially, Austria has pledged support to Ukraine and has advocated for a swift end to the conflict instigated by Russian forces.

In April, the Austrian Chancellor, Karl Nehammer, travelled to Moscow to meet with the Russian President.

The Chancellor issued a statement following the meeting in which he expressed he had urged Putin to end the conflict.

In the same release, Mr Nehammer also condemned the allegations of Russian war crimes and asserted such criminals should be held to account for their actions. 

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