Sex therapist takes over home with 50 animals in rent refund row with aristocrat

The world's most upmarket eviction row has finally come to an end after a sex therapist embroiled in a bitter row with her aristocratic landlords lost her latest legal battle.

Lady Patricia Ramshaw, 54, has been denied a refund on her rent after a judge has dismissed her claim of harassment against the aristocratic Cator family over her tenancy at their 300-year-old family home – which has 50 animals inside it.

The woman claimed the house had mouldy walls and that she was being spied on from a church tower, while the other party has raged over the collection of animals.

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She moved into the Old House at Ranworth, Norfolk, in winter 2021 to find no central heating causing her to "freeze" despite being supplied with oil radiators.

She then took the wealthy landowning family to court for a rent refund of £28,538 after claiming the house was unfit to live in with no mandatory energy efficiency rating.

Lady Ramshaw, who works as a sex therapist was bought the title by an ex-boyfriend as part of a burlesque act where she was known as "Lady Pea".

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The Cators refunded her a £13,000 heating bill she incurred during the first Christmas at the property, plus £4,500 of rent.

But landlord Sam Cator claimed that she had breached the terms of her tenancy by moving in with over 50 animals, including three Great Danes, two horses, 12 sheep, two pigs, a goat, ducks and hens.

The animals allegedly destroyed the orchard on the grounds of the seven-acre property.

In a scathing judgement, tribunal judge Stephen Evans said: “The entirety of this case centres on the parties' respective civil rights, which is suitable for an entirely different forum.

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“These proceedings provide a salutary lesson for those prospective landlords and tenants who embark on entering a tenancy without defining the ambit of the demise, and without agreeing on all relevant terms of the tenancy, before occupation is taken up.”

As of April 2023, Lady Pea continues to live in the property, which she says she cannot afford to leave without a rent refund.

A possession order has been made against her through county courts, but she is seeking to set it aside.

The Cators family declined to comment.

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