Screaming passenger breaks screen with barrier post after flight cancelled

A distressing video showing an enraged couple harassing an airline staff and damaging the front desk after their flight was grounded at airport due to extreme weather.

The incident took place at Guarulhos international airport in Sao Paulo of Brazil on Tuesday, November 2.

Passengers on board a GOL Airlines plane, which is part-owned by American Airlines, were forced to head back to the terminal after the flight returned to the airport shortly after takeoff, local media Folha de S Paulo reports.

In the video, a man is seen hitting the front desk with a barricade, breaking the perspex screen.

He pulls off his face mask and shouts at a staff member while another man, who is seen carrying a baby on his shoulder, pushes a printer off the table as they argue with the staff.

While none of the staff member engage with the passengers, a distressed woman comes shouting and demanding for an accommodation and food.

Some viewers believed the woman was worried that her five-month-old child will get sick because she ran out of formulas and that the company didn't let them to have access to their luggages.

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Major Bonfim, who posted the clip on his Instagram @caveira_12, wrote: "Poor service from GOL Airlines generates this level of dissatisfaction from customers.

"After several hours in line, a horrible service, and inhumane treatment led to this consequence.

"I do not agree with this type of action, but I can say that seeing a mother speak what she said you at least understand her side.

"After waiting for hours, there was no hotel, no meal, no flight forecast, no guidance from the staff.

"I hope the company reviews its service protocols."

A spokesman for GOL Airlines said: "GOL informs that, after take-off, flight G3 1324 (Guarulhos – Confins) had to return to Guarulhos Airport, due to adverse weather conditions in Confins.

"The Company emphasises that it offered the necessary support to all customers and accommodated passengers to continue their journey on flights scheduled for this Tuesday."

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