Screaming fisherman catches absolute monster so big its nicknamed Codzilla

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    A bloke has caught a fish so big that it has been dubbed “Codzilla”.

    From Western Australia, Kyle Poole had to ask his partner to help him reel in the massive Malabar cod.

    After hooking the freakish fish on Friday (March 3) off the coast of Exmouth, in the north of the state, all he could say was “oh my god!”

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    The “absolute monster” was so strong that it “pulled the boat around” – the pitch of the “oh my god” shouts only get higher and higher as its true size became apparent.

    When the fish finally got to the water's surface, Poole said: “Holy s***”.

    Trying to come to terms with the huge scale of their catch, the pair then said: “What the hell is that?”

    Kyle then added: “Wow, that is the biggest thing I've ever caught… absolute monster”.

    Images of Kyle taken with his prize haul show him beaming with the cod on his lap.

    With the once-in-a-lifetime catch thoroughly documented with photographic evidence, the pair threw the beast back into the depths from which it came.

    Footage of the catch has been posed on social media with people flocking to offer their congratulations and amazement at the remarkable find.

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    “Onya mate,” one said.

    The seriously impressive catch is far from Kyle’s first big haul, however.

    A veteran fisherman he has built up thousands of followers on Instagram under the name Salty Horse where he posts images of himself on his boat with a wide-ranging and beautiful selection of giant fish.

    Kyle, who claims to be a beer enthusiast and addicted to salt, has scooped up whopping crawfish, lobster, octopus and all manner of massive ocean dwellers.

    He also regularly posts pictures and videos of his incredible life in the north of Western Australia, with spectacular sunsets and swimming with dogs.

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