Scorching heatwave melting roads like chocolate as asphalt soars to 50C

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The current heatwave in England is so hot that some roads are melting under the sun and councils are scrambling to fix the danger.

Brits have been left divided on the 'insane' 32C temperatures as a scorching summer heatwave takes hold of the nation.

The Met Office had to issue an amber weather warning for 'extreme heat' which will remain in force until Thursday across England and Friday for Northern Ireland.

The scorching weather will continue throughout Wednesday as mercury soars past 30C, sparking thunderstorms in some places.

Many roads have been seen 'melting like chocolate' under the crazy temperatures, The Mirror reports.

Emergency maintenance was carried out as part of the A38 in Gloucestershire as it was deemed unsafe for drivers.

Somerset County Council also say road surfaces across the county have begun to melt due to the scorching temperatures.

Local authorities have sent out highways to treat the affected roads.

A post on Twitter from the council reads: "The blistering heat has caused some roads to melt (yes, melt). We are doing all we can to protect the roads.

"A sunny day in the 20Cs can be enough to generate 50C on the ground as the dark asphalt road surface absorbs a lot of heat and this builds up during the day with the hottest period between noon and 5pm.

"When this occurs, we send out a team to spread granite dust to absorb the soft bitumen and so stabilise the road surface.

"The road network has 5% of 'polymer modified binders in hot rolled asphalt' roads. These can absorb up to 80C. But these are more expensive.

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"It is particularly problematic in countries that experience the two extremes of weather.

"Think of the asphalt like chocolate – it melts and softens when it's hot and goes hard and brittle when it's cold. As a result, it doesn't maintain the same strength all year round.

"We will continue to monitor the situation over the next few days."

Many houses and care homes are under-equipped to deal with the shocking temperatures, which are set to get only more severe.

Three summers ago, the UK enjoyed – or suffered through – its joint-hottest summer in recorded history and even experienced wildfires around the Greater Manchester area.

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