Scientists warn people in Brazil not to follow ‘dangerous’ remedies to treat coronavirus

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The murmurings which are emanating via WhatsApp and Facebook suggest there are simple processes to combat the virus.

Brazil has recorded the world’s second-worst coronavirus outbreak, with only the United States reporting more cases.

These strategies include the use of mainstream medication like malaria drug hydroxychloroquine.

A method which has been endorsed by right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, alongside President Trump, yet there is little evidence to support the theory that hydroxychloroquine can protect the public against COVID-19.

Suggested remedies also range from beans with spiritual powers to aspirin dissolved in hot honey.

Beth Cheirosinha, a street seller in North Brazil claims how after catching the virus, she rid herself of COVID-19.

She said: ”I got the coronavirus, but I treated myself solely with medicinal herbs.

“I got some cotton leaves and wormseed.

“I mashed it up in a blender, mixed it with honey and drank a half cup three times a day.”

Cheirosinha sells the mixture on her market stall in the northern city of Belem and revealed the item was a hit with the locals.

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Medical experts have shown concern about these theories.

Scientists have warned the public that opting for these remedies instead of following medical professional advice is a dangerous move.

The coronavirus has had a devastating effect in the country, with more than 45,00 deaths in Brazil.

Other messages circulating suggest the coronavirus has a frequency of 5.5 megahertz.


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Those messages believe that “unconditional love” which operates at 205 megahertz can beat the virus.

This comes after scientists at a South Dakota biopharmaceutical company suggests that cow’s blood is the answer.

Sab Biotherapeutics, have inserted immune cells within the farm animal, and they claim the cows can produce antibodies against COVID-19, converting this into a drug.

Scientists at the company say the drug can be used to treat effective patients or provide a vaccine buffer until one is found.

The company announced the beginning of human trials from the start of next months.

Speaking to CNN, Eddie Sullivan, CEO of SAB Biotherapeutics said: “These animals are producing neutralising antibodies that kill [the coronavirus] in the laboratory.

“We are eager to advance to the clinic as we move forward in the regulatory process with the hopes of bringing this potential COVID-10 therapeutic to patients in need of a solution.”

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