Schoolboys hold fake wedding to avoid coronavirus rules and throw huge party

A pair of schoolboys tried to stage a fake wedding so they could hold a huge party.

But the students from Sydney, Australia were foiled when their parents discovered their scheme.

They wanted an afterparty for their Year 12 formal.

The number of partygoers would have been limited to just 30 due to state coronavirus restrictions, but the crafty pair realised weddings are allowed up to 150 guests.

So the two teenagers from Sydney Grammar School decided to throw a fake ceremony between them to get around the restrictions, according to 7NEWS.

By disguising the afterparty as a wedding it would have meant they could hold the huge celebration they wanted.

But their plot unravelled after a picture of the pupils apparently swapping vows was shared on social media.

The shot, which showed them smartly dressed holding hands, quickly went viral and they were rumbled, local media reported.

Their parents heard of the plan and quickly raced home to shut the party down.

They reportedly only heard about the plot when a neighbour texted them to congratulate them about their son’s wedding.

In a statement to The Daily Telegraph, the parents claimed it was "clearly a silly teenage idea".

The statement said: "No legally binding ceremony took place and we shut down the planned private celebratory event as soon as we found out about it, and thankfully, nobody was put at risk."

Both students have since apologised for the prank.

No fines were issued to the boys as no party went ahead in the end.

One local praised the boys for their idea, which they described as "clever".

But others blasted them, adding the reason the rules are in place is to "protect everyone".

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