Schoolboy left looking more Phil Schofield than Phil Foden after dodgy dye job

An England-mad 10-year-old schoolboy hoping to look like his football hero Phil Foden was left gutted after his dodgy dye job left him looking "more like Phillip Schofield".

Harry Reidy used to have long locks more reminiscent of Foden's fellow Euro 2020 star Jack Grealish – and even used to pull them back with a hairband to look like the Aston Villa star.

But when Foden revealed the England squad would all dye their hair blonde if they win the European Championship, Harry decided to get on board.

With the help of mum Kellie, 42, a postman, he lopped off his locks and attempted to dye it peroxide blonde, on Friday.

Unfortunately it came out grey, and the Tottenham supporter schoolboy's family joked he looked more like the This Morning presenter.

Kellie from Coventry, Warwickshire, said: "It was so funny!

"We were like, 'you actually look like Phillip Schofield'.

"I don't think Harry even knows who Phillip is.

"We just couldn't stop laughing."

  • Barber behind Phil Foden's drastic Gazza hairdo did it by 'complete accident'

Last month, the English barber behind Foden's popular new look spoke exclusively to the Star about cutting the England football team's hair.

HD Cutz revealed how Foden was "nervous" about his drastic new look – which had his girlfriend in hysterics.

Cutz, who also counts Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho, and Jude Bellingham as clients, told the Daily Star that recreating Gazza's iconic Euro 96 look was by complete accident.

The hairdresser explained he was shocked when Manchester City's 21-year-old talent asked for something new for the international tournament because he is so humble.

The London-based barber whose real name is Sheldon Edwards said: "Phil Foden, let me explain Phil to you.

"I don’t think Phil even understands his potential of how good he is because Phil is so humble and such a nice guy.

"Phil messaged me and said 'bro I need to change my look' and I’m like really? You need to change your look? That’s not you, that doesn’t sound like you."

The barber continued: "He sent me a random image off the internet of a random colour and a fade and I’m like 'wow, that looks a bit wild, great, so you’re going from black to that colour?'"

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