Sanction India! Britons furiously call for action with country set to BAIL OUT Russia

Russia: Generals 'going against Putin' discussed by Soldatov

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Russia has been hit with crippling sanctions by the US and her Western allies in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. The economic measures have targeted various sectors of the Russian economy, as well as individuals connected to the regime. The sanctions have already raised the prospect of Russia defaulting on her foreign debt.

The Kremlin is desperately scrambling to mitigate the effects of the economic embargoes.

The Putin regime is now trying to convince India to invest more of its money into Russia’s energy sector.

Royalties from the sale of gas, oil and coal account for 43 percent of the Russian budget and are vital to Putin’s ability to fund his military adventures and pursue his political agenda against the West.

Express readers were in no doubt the consequences India should face if they help to prop up Putin.

Gillian 1 said: “It doesn’t matter which country. However in this case it’s India.

“Unfortunately they should be cut off of everything.

“If they are helping Russia, yes India needs to be sanctioned. Cut off.

“I have no malice intentions here but you can’t arm an enemy like Russia. More like a murderer.”

GBisgreaterthanthis agreed and wrote: “Money. Route of all evil.

“Time we put pressure on India now with sanctions. No question about this.”

While Maz111050 added: “We need to stop giving India money now in Foreign aid and maybe start sanctioning them as well.”

However, there were those who understood why New Dehli might be tempted to invest in Russia’s beleaguered economy.

Azteky explained: “The reason why India supports Putin is simple.

“India has China on its border trying to move across the Himalayas, and has Pakistan trying to move into areas of Northern India.

“It is just a case of you support me and I will support you.”

Reports suggest that Russia has asked China for military aid, as it struggles to quell the fierce Ukrainian resistance.

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The Financial Times’ US-China correspondent, Demetri, tweeted: “#NewChinaRussiaScoop – US told allies that Russia requested 5 types of military gear from China, including #SurfaceToAirMissiles.

“Also #drones, armored vehicles, logistics vehicles & intelligence-related equipment.

“US did not provide underlying intelligence in cables to allies.”

The US has warned China in no uncertain terms not to help Russia evade sanctions.

In a CNN interview, Jack Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser, said: “We are communicating directly, privately to Beijing that there will absolutely be consequences for large-scale sanctions evasion efforts or support to Russia to backfill them”.

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