Sad demise of lonely WWE star now battling cancer after selling autographs

He was the former WWE star who had a heartbreaking fall from grace and now makes money selling autographs in subways.

And this week things took another agonising turn for Virgil, real name Michael Jones, after he revealed he had been diagnosed with colon cancer and asked fans for donations to help pay for his medical bills.

On Saturday, he posted on Twitter: "It’s really sh***y right now. Too (sic) make things worse I know (sic) have stage 2 colon cancer. I am a fighter but need your help. I cannot afford any of the medical bills and would love your support."

He shared a link to a Paypal page, adding: "Love you guys."

Jones is known for his eight-year tenure in WWF in the 1980s primarily as Ted Dibiase’s bodyguard as well as a stint in acting.

Virgil went on to join WCW for a four-year run.

His memorable championship win in WWE came when he beat DiBiase for the Million Dollar Title at SummerSlam 1991.

But in a dramatic downturn in fortunes the 59-year-old has been crippled with health and financial problems in recent years.

After his wrestling career ended Virgil made money by making appearances at conventions.

He has also been seen at subways selling autographs just to get by.

As a result, since 2012, there have been "Lonely Virgil" memes where fans posted pictures of him at conventions with nobody lining up.

And last month he took to Instagram and revealed health struggles.

He explained how he had suffered two ‘massive strokes’ and been diagnosed with ‘an early stage of dementia’ after concerns following WrestleMania weekend in Dallas.

In an emotional and lengthy post, he told his Instagram followers: "Unfortunately I have some really hard news to share. If you were wondering why I haven’t been so engaged over the last few weeks it’s because I was given bad news.

"Since Mania weekend (of all weekends) I was not feeling so great.

"Something wasn’t right. My head, my arm and my heart . When I came back from Dallas I Ended up going to the doctor and they discovered a whole bunch of issues.

"For starters – without me knowing, over the past few months the doctor had identified that I suffered 2 massive strokes.

"Like I didn't even have a clue till I started not working with 1 of my arms. It’s basically not able to do anything.

"This was the decent news. The worse news is that I have been told that I am fighting with an early stage of dementia. The years of taking the big main event bump every night (that nobody else wanted to take) Had started to effect me. (sic)"

Jones has admitted he is 'scared' by his health battles, and doesn’t think he can 'afford to get through this' as he called on fans and big names like Randy Orton and AEW’s Chris Jericho to help where they can.

He added: "I'm nervous. I’m scared and God knows I can’t afford to get through this and even make a living. It’s really sad as all I want to do is have fun and do what I always do. Survive.

"What am I asking for? Well for starters, my roommate and team have helped me with this page to help me get buy. I’ll also sell autographs, video shoutouts or even if you could download my $2 video game (ON BOTH IOS AND ANDROID JUST LOOK UP MEATSAUCE MADNESS). It means EVERYTHING.

"I am asking you to send this out to all your friends, family or anyone that you ever thought loved Wrestling. It all helps. I ain't looking for sympathy.

"I am looking for the love I have poured into this business to hopefully carry me through this shitty time. I did my time. I took my lumps. Now I am Just trying to survive. Hope this makes sense. Love you all. (sic)."

In 2014 he appeared in the Jason Michael Brescia film Bridge and Tunnel as Kony, a neighbourhood barfly.

He was cast in the film after he met actor-producer Joe Murphy while selling autographs at Grand Central Station.

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He them appeared in Brescia's follow up film (Romance) in The Digital Age.

His last wrestling appearance was in Blackpool at a PCW event held at the Blackpool Tower Circus back in December 2017.

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