Russia’s most notorious paedophile released from jail then arrested for murder

Russia's most notorious paedophile who kept teenagers in a sex bunker has been linked to a murder case after a man was killed in his house.

Viktor Mokhov, 72, also known as the Skopin Maniac, has been arrested on a murder probe following being released from prison last year.

The pensioner was jailed for 17 years after he held two teenage sex slaves against their will in a creepy underground dungeon for 43 months.

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Now, an investigation has been launched after Mokhov accused Sergei Shchukin, 43, of stealing his goose as friend Yevgeny Polishchuk allegedly beat the man to death in Mokhov's house.

Mokhov is suspected of hiding the body wrapped in a carpet in an abandoned house, and seeking to conceal the murder.

He was put under home arrest for two months, and banned from speaking to any witnesses or journalists.

The sex offender’s girlfriend Inessa Panova, 30, said: “They put [the] corpse on a blanket and carried him away.”

Mokhov told police: "We grabbed [the corpse] and carried him over there.”

The body had remained hidden for two days, he said.

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There was a scandal when Mokhov was released from his long jail term, and one of his victims Katya Martynova, now 36, was given state protection after the monster told a TV channel he still had “feelings” for his former victim.

"My feelings for Katya did not cool,” he said.

“I keep loving her. We could not be together. I would like to meet, talk …”

Referring to his other victim Lena Simagina, he told a Russian TV channel: “I must take her on again.”

Katya accused the sinister Mokhov of “stalking” her, while also telling in a video how he tracked down her secret address when he was in jail, writing to her.

"We have filed a petition for state protection measures,” said her representative.

Katya said: “He may come for me.

“If we meet like this, I will be very scared. I feel shock and horror.

“I can't imagine now what I'm going to do and I'm scared to imagine that meeting. I cannot do anything about this feeling.

“He brought me so much evil and grief. I am afraid of him.”

Katya was 17 when she was released after smuggling out a note which led to police to her and Lena, who by then was pregnant with her third child.

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