Russians ‘slaughter villagers but let pets live branded with ‘Z’ and ‘V’

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    Shocking footage has emerged showing pets branded with war symbols by Russian soldiers in a village where residents allegedly died as a result of their brutality.

    Videos from the decimated Ukrainian village of Kamianka show pets with infamous "Z" and "V" symbols carved in them.

    A Ukrainian films a dog, revealing that troops have sickeningly carved one of the "Z" symbols onto his nose.

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    The Ukrainian man filming is aghast as he reveals the horrors that have unfolded in the town and is heard saying in Ukrainian: "Honey, here don't be mad, don't be mad…

    "My God. F***, they've drawn Z on the nose! Look!"

    Meanwhile in a separate video, a Ukrainian soldier lays down food for the now homeless cats and dogs of the village.

    The source the one of the videos – UAnimals – is an animal charity who say after the arrival of the Russian military "not a single surviving house remained".

    "The village has turned into a complete ruin. Before the war, 1,200 people lived in Kamianka. Now there are about ten left. some left, some were forcibly removed, many died," they said.

    "Some died at the hands of the Russian occupiers, and some died of hunger in the basements."

    The news adds to an increasing number of reports of Russian atrocities and war crimes carried out against civilians in Ukraine.

    The charity added: "Their bodies began to be found only recently.

    "Not only Ukrainians suffered from the brutality of the Russian military, but also animals: those who managed to survive and survive under heavy fire were subjected to inhuman abuse from the Russian military."

    Analysts have noted increasingly horrific behaviour by Russian forces in recent weeks as army morale plummets in the wake of massive resistance from Ukrainian forces.

    It is thought the maiming of the animals is an attempt to send a message of terror to Ukrainian civilians.

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