Russian wives scammed by Ukrainian hackers send racy snaps and sensitive details

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    Wives of Russian military personnel have been fooled into giving away personal details about their husbands.

    A group of women have been duped by the Ukrainian hacker group Cyber Resistance through an email baiting scheme.

    The wife of Russian Colonel Sergei Atroshchenko was the primary target, with the group tricking his wife Lilia Aleksandrovna Atroshchenko (number six on the image above) into sending racy snaps.

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    This process led to the details of the pilots being released in what Ukrainian activist websiteInformNapalmdescribed as “in the interest of the Ukrainian Defence Forces.”

    The hackers convinced Lilia into thinking she was talking to a member of her husband’s regiment after they had been accessing and monitoring her emails for several months.

    The group sussed that she had in the past sent him saucy images and managed to convince her – posing as his comrade – to take part in a “patriotic photo shoot”.

    The shot involved her and other wives dressing up in their husband’s uniforms and posing in front of a fighter jet.

    The images weren’t meant to go beyond the eyes of the men and she “organised everything,” convincing partners of lower-ranking men to take part too.

    The men keep low profiles online so as to protect their identities and details but the images were used by the hackers to bust their identities wide open.

    They claim Colonel Atroshchenko gave an order to drop two huge bombs on a church in Mariupol on March 16, 2022, that was being used as a shelter.

    Some 600 people are thought to have died in the attack, with the word “CHILDREN” written outside.

    The hackers then released “sensitive information” about the men, including their salaries addresses and passports.

    The regiment is understood to have taken part in hundreds of airstrikes on Ukrainian residential areas.

    The bombing of the church was labelled as a war crime by Ukraine, and the details of the men were sent to International Criminal Court to aid in the “execution of an arrest warrant”.

    InformNapalm claims that the colonel’s refusal to cooperate with Ukrainian intelligence was the reason it went public with vast dumps of personal information about him including the exact location of his home.

    The group also leaked racy underwear snaps of his wife, as well as her phone number, email and passport number.

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