Russian spies suspected of directing letter bombs to six government buildings

Russian military intelligence agents are believed to have ordered a white supremacist group to send letter bombs to government buildings.

According The New York Times, EU and US officials currently believe that the militant Russian Imperial Movement with links across Europe, delivered six explosive packages last year.

The officials added that the group, which was designated a global terrorist organisation by the US State Department in 2020, is believed to have ties to Russian intelligence agencies.

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Officials said that important members of the Russian Imperial Movement have been in Spain, adding that Spanish police have tracked its ties with far-right Spanish organisations.

Investigators have been working to properly identify those responsible for sending six letter bombs in November and December last year to several important government and diplomatic locations.

Targets included the official residence of Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sánchez, the American and Ukrainian embassies and the defence ministry.

One letter bomb was sent to Instalaza, a weapons maker in eastern Spain that manufactures grenade launchers that the country is giving to Ukraine, while another went to an airbase just outside Madrid.

While no one was killed by the packages, one employee of the Ukrainian Embassy was injured when one of the packages exploded.

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According to one anonymous US official who spoke to The New York Times, the letter bombs are meant to signal that Russia and its proxy groups could carry out terrorist strikes across Europe, including in the capitals of NATO member states, if it wanted to.

Officials also said that the Russian officers who directed the campaign may be testing out proxy groups in the event Moscow decides to escalate conflict.

Independent Russian newspaper The Moscow Timesreportedthat the Kremlin warned last Thursday that it would escalate the war in Ukraine if the pro-Western country is given longer range weapons.

The Daily Star has contacted the US embassy in Spain for comment.


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