Russian soldier tells mum drinking vodka is the only thing to do on frontline

Conditions on the frontline in Ukraine are so bleak for the Russians that all there is to do is drink vodka, according to an intercepted call from a soldier.

In a clip from the call, the soldier could be heard telling his mother that the Russian army are getting drunk on vodka to cope with "soaking" conditions and dwindling numbers, as he tells her "drinking is the only thing" soldiers on the frontline should be doing.

The translated call was published by Dmitri Masinski from War Translated, a project that aims to translate materials about the war in Ukraine into English to "improve understanding of the conflict for the broader Western audience."

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Posting the clip to Twitter, Dmitri wrote: "In this intercepted call, the Russian mobilised soldier in Donetsk area tells his mother about large losses and a constant drinking problem in his unit."

At the beginning of the phone call the soldier can be heard telling his mother "we haven't slept for four days".

When she asks why he responds: "Because of water! Water everywhere, we're all soaked!"

"Are you ill?" His mother asks.

He replies: "Not yet. If there was no vodka… While we still drink vodka, it's all good."

Angry to hear that her son is drinking on the frontline, the shocked mother shouted back "You drinking vodka?!", adding: "Are you out of your f***ing mind?!"

He then tells his mother that you "can't have it another way here", before going on an angry rant about the dismal conditions, saying: "You haven't been here. You all sit at home, not just you, other guys who call home say this… How can you not drink?

"You drink, and at least it gets a little bit easier. You just can't imagine the situation here!"

"I'm standing here, there is only a field around me and a forest. And nothing else!"

The soldier then revealed that his unit has suffered severe losses of men, leading to him fearing an attack from Ukrainian forces.

He tells her: "If God forbid, they start an attack, we have 30 people left in the whole company!"

"All our people got f***ed!" He adds.

The frontline soldier said that his unit was still two to three kilometres away from other Russian forces, and would need to travel through forest by foot to get to them.

Still raging about the conditions, he tells his mother: "You just don't understand a f***ing thing. How's it, not drinking? Drinking is the only thing you should be doing, for f**ks sake!"

His mother responds by asking where he got the drink and the soldier then reveals that people from other regiments are getting it from a nearby town, with soldiers all chipping in money for the booze.

The angry mother could then be heard chastising him again as she said: "So you spend your money not on food, not on cigarettes, but on vodka?!"

The soldier continues to complain to his mum about life on the frontline, adding: "Everything is very expensive here, and not so simple. F***! This is not civilian life, this is war!"

His mother tells him he "went to the wrong place then", but he attempts to defend himself, saying "I was called up, and so I went! What else did I have to do?".

She disputed this, claiming that he wasn't called up, but instead volunteered for the infantry after saying there "were not enough people".

He responded: "They would have called me up anyway."

The leaked call detailing the depressing situation for Russian forces comes just days after Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin visited the frontline himself.

The trip was branded a "desperate" attempt to bolster support after more than 91,000 Russian troops are reported to have lost their lives since the start of the war in February.


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