Russian record-breaking weather cyclone set to batter UK in a matter of days

The UK is set to be blasted by a cyclone of heavy rain – and it all stems from Russia.

Russia news outlet MK has reported that the New Year events across the Moscow region will be warmer than normal, but pelted with rain and warm weather breaking a 50 temperature record for this time of year.

And the direction it is taking means that just a few days later, the UK will be hit by the same system.

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According to Mikhail Leus, from Russia's Fobos Weather Centre: “At the end of this year and at the beginning of the next one, a series of Atlantic cyclones will be responsible for the weather, which one after another pass through the north of the European territory of our country.

“A very warm New Year awaits us with the possibility of setting a daily record for maximum air temperature on January 1st.

“There will be a lot of snow, on holidays it will not go anywhere, it will not completely disappear, it will only become wet from above and not so white and beautiful in appearance.

“On Monday (January 2), the cyclone, which will bring such a powerful wave of heat, will continue its journey to the east and gradually turn towards the capital with its cold part.

“The rain will turn into sleet, and then into snow.”

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In the UK, the experts from Snow Forecast, the wet and mild weather will take hold of the UK from around 9am on Tuesday (January 3) – just 24 hours after pelting Vladimir Putin's Kremlin palace.

Around 10mm of rainfall will hit most of London, the Midlands and the North West, while the Southern parts of Scotland will be hit with about 5cms of snow.

Wales will also be hit by the wet deluge, while the central parts of Northern Ireland will only be hit with a few millimetres of rain.

By 9pm, the entire UK will be suffering from the best part of 12 to 14mm of rainfall, which won't stop until around 24 hours later, on Wednesday (January 4).

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