Russian ministry hacked with glory to Ukraine sign as Putin humiliated again

A Russian government ministry was in chaos last night as hackers reportedly broke into its website to put up a message that declared: “Glory to Ukraine ”.

The Kremlin’s official site for Construction, Housing and Utilities was offline whilst officials frantically tried to fix it.

Cyber-vulnerabilities throughout Russia have been targeted by computer experts and in May, video website RuTube was taken down for 72 hours.

Anti-Russian hackers also took down menus on Moscow satellite TV during coverage of Putin's Victory Day parade in Red Square.

New cyber-groups have emerged in the battle against Putin’s bloody invasion of the eastern European country.

One group, known as Squad 303, has sent over 20 million texts to citizens in Russia warning them about their country’s war crimes.

In a terrifying video posted to the site's Twitter, a masked and hooded avatar explained in a croaky voice: "You wouldn't notice us in the store, on the street or the subway.

"Ukrainians are fighting with real guns. We can at least with our smartphones. This is the largest and most successful cyber operation in the history of the world."

Vladimir Putin has already ordered all businesses to tighten up their security as the dictator told them to cut all internet ties with the West and switch to domestic servers.

The former-KGB agent feared foreign source codes could be an access point to his systems.

He has attempted to hack companies in the Western world back – and Putin minions even tried to attack the Eurovision song contest.

But the pro-Kremlin computer attack was thwarted and Ukraine went on to win the competition with a whopping 631 points.

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The cyber-failings mark another humiliating blow for the paranoid despot’s regime as reports emerge of his health failing and senior officials moan over military failures.

Today (June 6) it emerged the Russian military had lost another two of its top brass in a Ukrainian air strike.

Top-ranking Russian commanders Lieutenant General Roman Berdnikov and Major General Roman Kutuzov were caught in an ambush in eastern Ukraine, bringing the total number of dead commanders to 12.

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