Russian intelligence officers homes damaged in Ukraine drone attack

A drone attack in Moscow has targeted the homes of intelligence officers, as part of a covert campaign directed at Putin in revenge for Russia’s invasion. According to Strider Technologies, a strategic intelligence start-up, one of the apartment buildings hit by the drone attacks had ties to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, the SVR.

Strider Technologies co-founder Eric Levesque said: “This was not some random attack on a wealthy suburb,

“The strike gets to the heart of the psychological warfare elements of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which for the first time is reaching Moscow neighbourhoods.”

It is not known how much damage SVR officers’ suffered or whether any intelligence personnel were injured in the attacks.

Authorities in Russia blamed Ukraine, claiming eight unmanned aircraft were responsible for damage to the properties. Ukraine denied any involvement in the attack.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak claimed although his nation was not directly involved in the drone assaults, it was nonetheless enjoyable to watch. He also warned of further attacks.

John Kirby, a spokesperson for the National Security Council (NSC), said at a press briefing: “We have communicated privately to the Ukrainians, as recently as last week or so, that we don’t want to see US-supplied equipment used to strike inside Russia, that we don’t support attacks inside of Russia and that we are not going to change our policy about not enabling or encouraging those attacks.

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“We have been nothing but consistent on this. And as the president has said himself, Ukrainian President Zelensky himself has given us assurances that they respect those concerns.

“They understand them, and they appreciate them, and they respect them.”

In recent months, Russia has experienced an increasing frequency of attacks within its borders, including artillery and drone strikes targeting towns and villages near the Ukraine-Russia border.

As reported by NBC News, Ukrainian agents are believed to have carried out drone operations within Belarus and Russia against the wishes of the United States and other Western nations, according to intelligence papers that were obtained by the online gaming platform Discord.

According to US intelligence reports, the released documents also stated that Ukrainian leaders in Kyiv have thought about attacking more targets inside of Russia.

The latest drone attacks in Moscow embarrassed Putin’s administration by escalating the fight in Ukraine and spreading it to the Russian capital’s streets.

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