Russia irritated with Mariupol resistance and may drown civilians in cellars

A British Colonel has warned the Russian army will use increasingly aggressive tactics to flush out Ukrainian survivors in Mariupol as the city takes a last stand.

Over two months into the war in Ukraine, Mariupol, located in the south of the country, has been one of the most heavily bombarded areas targeted by the Russian offensive.

Recently, attention has been focused on resistance holed up beneath Mariupol’s Azovstal steel works, with reports that up to 20 British fighters have supported Ukrainian soldiers despite intense pressure and low supplies.

But, after Vladimir Putin’s troops launched a new offensive in the east, British Colonel Richard Kemp has warned that time might be running out for the people of Mariupol.

“I think the Russians are now irritated with the amount of time it’s taking to finally reduce Mariupol, and I think Mariupol effectively is defeated, is in Russian hands now,” he told Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster on GB News.

“I think they will use maybe already as we’re hearing today, increasing ferocity to clear them out of there, and it probably won’t take much longer.

“I’ve heard talk of the Russians considering flooding the cellars and the chambers that they’re hiding in, in order to either drown them or flush them out, and I think that’s quite a likely possibility if they haven’t already done it.”

The Colonel acknowledged that the soldiers who had stayed in Mariupol to fight off the invasion had likely been ordered to protect the remaining civilians until they surrendered or died.

But, despite not distracting a large amount of Russian troops, Richard noted that the fighters would be an “annoyance” for the invaders.

“It’s not a strategically important place now that they’ve secured it, but it will free up some more forces that they quite desperately need for the fight elsewhere,” he added.

However, amid reports that President Vladimir Putin has set May 9 as a “victory day”, the military expert suggested that it is now more than likely that the Russians would declare victory in Mariupol soon.

“Although it is very very tough for the Russians… unfortunately I think they will achieve it. I think they will in due course capture the whole of the Donbas as they’re intending to.

“They are pummelling the hell out of Ukrainian forces with vast quantities of artillery. Their tactic is to batter them with artillery to kill as many of them as they can, to give them shell shock, to keep them pinned down.

“And then progressively without risking too much exposure to Russian troops, to move in on the ground and kill those that remain or get them to surrender.”

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