Russia claims Brits ate tomato sauce, cheese and cashews to mark Coronation

Russia has claimed Brits were eating bountiful piles of baked eggplant and tomato sauce with cheese and cashews to celebrate the Coronation.

Coronation quiche was not the only staple of the Brit diet during the Coronation of King Charles III according to Russians, who believe the country gorged itself on tomato sauce.

The so-called "festive dishes" were picked apart by Russian news organisation MKRU, which claimed that to honour the Coronation, cafes and restaurants were preparing "special" foods and drinks.

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That latter part is true in part, although how many were feasting down on tomato sauce and cashews is yet to be seen.

According to the site, Brits were enjoying "Coronation lamb wit Asian marinade" with sides of "fried potatoes and green salad".

For the vegetarians among the Coronation crowds there was of course the infamous "Coronation eggplant", which was, according to MKRU: "This is a vegetarian dish of baked eggplant with tomato sauce, cheese and cashews.

"The eggplant is garnished with fresh mint and pomegranate seeds."

Russia must believe Brits are a bit nutty as it was not the only dish to predominantly feature kernels, with even a dessert for the masses completely covered in almond toppings.

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The site, explaining the strawberry-ginger trifle, added: "It is a dessert made with layers of cookies, strawberry jelly, gingerbread cream and whipped cream. Trifle topped with almonds and fresh strawberries."

At least they did not top the classic quiche with walnuts, instead declaring the "deep pie" as an opportunity to break from the usual staples of tomato sauce and eggplants.

They wrote: "This is a deep pie with crispy light dough and delicate flavours. Quiche is recommended to eat with green salad and boiled new potatoes."

The Daily Star previously reported a lovely, if inedible, Coronation themed sandwich, which was stuffed full of raw sausages and melted cheese – a tribute to the king's banger-like digits.

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