Run down UK island full of ‘turdtowns’ is just ‘sea of concrete’ with ‘scumbags’

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    A UK island where more than half of the towns have been categorised as “turdtowns” contains locals who are “unwelcoming and spit on the floor”.

    A video posted by Youtuber Turdtowns listed the six worst places on the Isle of Wight, citing a lack of investment in the county and the number of derelict buildings as reasons for its poor showing.

    Despite there only being nine towns on the island off the south coast of England, five of them were labelled "turdtowns" – as well as village Wroxhall.

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    Crime rates, house prices and the amount of derelict or dilapidated buildings were all taken into consideration.

    One online commenter replied to the video saying: “It is just an endless procession of scumbags moving here.”

    Another added: “All those towns look the same: just sea of concrete with little life other than cars honking around – certainly not nice places to live or visit.”

    The Isle of Wight was once a popular tourist destination and Queen Victoria regularly stayed at former royal residence Osborne House.

    However, after paying the “expensive” ferry fee to reach the island, the Youtuber found Ventnor's high street to be “pointless” and bemoaned that “there really isn't much here”.

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    The outskirts of Ryde were described as “shabby” and full of “Grimy terraced houses that line the street… covered in seagull faeces”.

    Wroxall “sounds like a weeping wart, which is an appropriate way to describe the place”, while the presenter “can't imagine any person ever having a reason to visit” Shanklin, where “the high street is one of the blandest places I've ever been”.

    “Dreary and expressionless” Newport “isn't somewhere you're going to want to visit, but it's also not a place you're going to want to live, so what's the point in it?”

    However, seaside resort Sandown was named the worst town on the island, with the main emotion “one of sadness”.

    As well as the dreary and neglected buildings, the locals “were unwelcoming and spat on the floor as I walked past”.

    Isle of Wight residents can draw some comfort from the fact that despite the criticism, they enjoy some of the best weather in the UK.

    Bradford was recently named the UK’s gloomiest place to live as it gets the least amount of sunshine anywhere in the country.

    The West Yorkshire city, which more than half a million call home, took the top spot as the UK’s murkiest city with Blackpool and Aberdeen taking second and third

    Betway’s boffins looked at the average number of daylight hours that hit cities every year, as well as the number of months that they have the most sun.


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