Royal poppy row shows Harry is ‘expendable’ and things are ‘worse than thought’

The Royal Family’s refusal to allow Prince Harry’s giant £1,000 poppy wreath to be laid at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday is a sign things between the Sussexes and the core family members "are worse than we thought," claims a royal biographer.

The specially-made wreath is now reportedly in storage at the to the Royal British Legion’s Kent HQ.

Robert Lacey, who described the bitter rift between Prince Harry and Prince William in his biography Battle of Brothers, says that the refusal to let Harry lay his wreath is a sign that he now is seen as "expendable" by his older brother Prince William and father Prince Charles.

He told Newsweek: "I think this is an indication that things are worse than we thought.

"If everything was hunky-dory there seems no reason why a wreath should not have been laid in Harry's name."

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He says that the fact that Harry's request was blocked suggests there isn’t much prospect of reconciliation on the horizon.

While Harry is thought to be keen on rebuilding bridges with his family, but the disagreement over the wreath suggests that his family aren’t ready for that just yet.

A source close to Harry told the Sunday Times: "He is definitely aware the role change means that he did not have a formal role.

"But he did ask whether one could be laid on his behalf. He was definitely disappointed when it was knocked back."

Lacey went on: "On the face of this, it would seem that Harry is keener on reconciliation or maintaining some sort of link than the palace is to granting one."

The decision about the wreath was reportedly made by Palace aides, rather than directly ordered by the royals themselves, but it’s unlikely that the call would have been made without royal assent.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle attended the Los Angeles National Cemetery to lay a wreath in memory of British and Empire troops who lost their lives in the two world wars.

Prince Harry’s military connections are important to him, but at present, his ceremonial role of Captain-General of the Royal Marines is under review.

Lacey said: "From everything we know it's clear Harry would like to keep his military titles and connections.

"This would seem to be a sign that's not going to be possible."

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